Domain Specific Languages

We believe that building a compiler is the highest art in software development

We teach it, practice it, love it

We have a close collaboration with academia teaching compiler construction and software analysis on a basic and advanced level.

We make computers understand

Your language, your terms, in your business domain; facilitating efficient and clear communication. Human to computer.

Not sure what you need?

We are always happy to sit down with you and work together to find the right solution for you.

Our services

Compiler Construction


We develop compilers for standard and custom languages. We use tools like ANTLR or JastAdd for generation of lexers and parser generating code in C or other languages.

Language Design


We develop custom and domain specific languages allowing to express solutions in the idiom and at the level of abstraction of the problem domain.

Transformation Engines


We develop parsers, analysers and tranformation engines for various data formats using tools like JastAdd. We can validate, correct and transform data for migration and other purposes.


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Meet the team

Björn Lundsten

Björn Lundsten


Dr. Rüdiger Lincke

Dr. Rüdiger Lincke


Prof. Welf Löwe

Prof. Welf Löwe