About us

IT Nerds – and Proud of It

Softwerk is a software development company based in the south Swedish city of Växjö, our own little Silicon Valley. The company was founded by two employees of the Department of Computer Science at Linnaeus University in 2008, and has since grown to employ over 30 people that all live and breathe coding.

Since we’ve got one leg in the academic world and the other in the commercial, our software solutions are always in the scientific and technological vanguard. That’s how we're able to provide the most valuable products on the market.  

Softwerk Values

Softwerk is a values-driven company. Our values shape us, bring us together, and affect everything we do - from internal to external work. The three Softwerk values are technical excellence, value creation, and sustainability. 

Technical Excellence

Softwerk is not your everyday IT firm. Our success is built on our in-house spirit of expanding our expertise, supporting each other, and never stagnating. Our team members always seek to raise the bar at every step to become masters in their ever-changing technological fields.

We secure that technical excellence through only hiring the very best developers from top universities in the region and abroad. The result is a diverse office made up of people from Ukraine, N. Macedonia, Germany, China, Syria, India, France, Slovakia, Iran, and Sweden. We all come together to turn ideas into deliverables. 

We’re sustaining the Softwerk Standard through our close relationship with the local Linnaeus University and other universities. At Softwerk, we’re not merely taking on board the latest science. With our founders working at the LNU Department of Computer Science, we’re helping develop the latest science. Implementing cutting-edge scientific developments in our commercial solutions is what sets us apart.

Value Creation 

At the end of the day, the client’s main question is: “Will this add value?” We get it. To us, being at the scientific and technological forefront isn’t an end in itself. Rather, it’s how we’re able to deliver according to the needs, wishes, and dreams of the client. 

It doesn’t matter how brilliant or sophisticated a solution might be in our eyes if the client doesn’t understand the value of it. Therefore, the value for the client is always the main focus. Our motto “Your Dreams – Deployed” further encapsulates this mindset.


To carry our development and success far into the future, we’re striving towards integrating sustainability in all our practices. This goes for everything from producing products that last, to providing in-house language and integration courses for our employees, to building long-term relationships with clients, to sharing our expertise with other companies, to choosing what types of projects to work on. 

Softwerk is a welcoming company. Our coffee is always freshly brewed (thank you Moccamaster Dual Twin Booster Coffee Maker) and our doors are always open to companies, organisations, and individuals who are interested in what we do. Sustainability isn’t some gimmick to us – it’s an imperative that ensures that our team, our partners, and the surrounding community is thriving. We see it as win-win for everyone.

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