Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We build, you grow. Go mobile with Softwerk.

Tailormade for your needs

We offer native full-stack iOS, Android, and hybrid app development for your business. Apple or Android, Smartphones, smartwatches, or smart TVs – we can help you establish a presence on all channels and platforms. 

From prototype to store deployment, our award-winning team will work with you to deliver results that meet both your expectations and the expectations of your customers. 

It’s all Geek to you? 

Don’t worry, our software engineers speak the latest programming languages. With beautiful code and tried-and-tested software development processes, we always deliver innovative, robust, and scalable apps that simply work.

Our team is made up of the industry’s top app engineering talent, recruited from leading universities in the region and abroad. So if you’re unsure of what you need, sit down with us and together we’ll find the right solution for you.



Your dream website – Deployed. Team up with Softwerk to create the website you need.

You come up with it, we build it 

We offer scaleable, resilient, and responsive solutions across all platforms. Tying together backend, frontend, and modern architecture, our team has got you covered from conceptual idea to launch day. 

We’re experts at all modern javascript frameworks, native development, interactive solutions, and more, and always deliver the most valuable product on the market.

We speak your language

We only hire the top website engineers from the best universities in the world. On top of programming excellence, we look for web developers that possess great communication skills and understand the customer experience. 

For you, that means clear communication instead of industry buzzwords. So whatever stage you’re at right now, feel free to get in touch today, and together we’ll figure out the next move.

System Development

System Development

From Human to Computer to Human. System development is our passion.

We see your needs

In addition to our off-the-shelf products, we offer custom system development. We understand that every business comes with its own unique needs. That’s why we work with you to deliver tailormade, end-to-end system solutions that perfectly fit your particular requirements and the expectations of your customers.

We always pick our toolset depending on what the project demands, and are fluent in Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, Node JS, TypeScript, RESTful Web and many more services.

We ❤️ Software

System development is our passion. With one leg in the academic world and the other in the commercial, our software solutions are always in the scientific and technological vanguard. This makes our solutions the most innovative and valuable on the market.  

We have a solid track record of developing systems of any complexity and architectural type for everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across various business domains such as banking and finance, management, insurance, Internet of Things and telematics. Get in touch with us, today!



Bringing the world closer. A matter of security, reliability, efficiency - and convenience.

Tear down this wall

Proper system integration opens up access to sharing resources across all of your systems and ensures a smooth flow of information, increasing productivity and minimising the risk for error.

Softwerk offers standard and custom system integration solutions. Whether you need an exchange between different databases, merge different IT systems, hardware, and software into one singular environment, or start completely new systems on new platforms – we’ve got you covered. 

Fortnox Certified

Not only are we experts at all types of custom integration, we’re also certified Fortnox partners. We have a thorough understanding of their platform, because we helped build it. Softwerk’s dedicated Fortnox unit developed two key components of their system.

We optimise your processes by automatically importing and exporting your data to and from Fortnox. Our custom dashboards, mobile and web apps give you a clear overview of all your data – allowing you to focus on the things that matter. Contact us and together we’ll find the best option for you!



Increasing performance through intelligent technology. The modern and future solution for you.

Smarter by the day

Through machine learning, artificially intelligent computer systems train themselves to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as decision-making, translation, or visual perception. Machines can work together with or replace humans in doing highly complicated, repetitive, or even dangerous tasks. 

AI, machine learning, and automation make your business more efficient, precise, and sustainable, by for example lowering your operating costs, improving data insights, or extending equipment upkeep.

Prepared for tomorrow

There’s a lot of industry talk about the upcoming AI revolution. But rushing to implement AI solutions without a clear purpose and vision is unwise. Softwerk has the proven expertise to custom develop and deploy an AI strategy that transforms and scales your entire business.

You want to enhance your customer service experience, accelerate your analytics, or increase forecast accuracy? Or maybe you're simply curious about the advantages that AI-powered tech could offer your company? Get in touch with us! We’re always happy to sit down and discuss if AI is a feasible opportunity for you.



Valuable insights - Intelligent decisions. The world's most valuable resource in your hands.

Understand your business better

The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Chances are, your company already collects large amounts of input. Let Softwerk turn that stockpiled data into measurable, reliable, and consumable information. Unearth new insights about your business processes, markets, and customers. Big Data analytics free up your time and allow you to make better management decisions. 

A Big market advantage

Team up with Softwerk to use Big Data to your advantage. Whether you want to predict maintenance, trace components, or optimise assembly stations, we offer uniquely designed end-to-end solutions that fit your needs. 

In an ever more interconnected world of things and the steep cost reduction of measuring, monitoring, and storing information, the potential of using Big Data to optimise your business is almost endless. Let us help your company truly digitalise. Get in touch for a straight-forward consultation today.