Road Safety Powered by Softwerk

Stoneridge is a manufacturer of highly engineered electrical and electronic components, modules, and systems for the automotive market. They approached Softwerk for the development of two free Android mobile apps, which had been heavily requested by truck drivers. 

Our Duo Mobile app syncs the driver’s smartphone with their digital tachograph through a Bluetooth dongle. It turns their phone into a second display, providing a real-time overview of daily, weekly, and monthly drive, break, and rest times. Automatic countdowns to break or daily rest periods help drivers plan their journey ahead, ultimately making fleets more efficient.

The second product was the Tacho Center app, which enables the driver to download their digital data wirelessly from any EU approved digital tachograph, either emailing it to a PC or sending it straight to Stoneridge’s own analysis software. The app also reminds the driver when data is due for download. This not only takes the hassle out of downloading data via cables, but also helps fleets keep track of when driver card and vehicle unit data was last downloaded.

The Duo Mobile and Tacho Center apps have been a global success story, with 75k+ downloads so far. It’s safe to say they’ve helped drivers reduce fuel emissions and increase efficiency. Their usability and accessibility is also sure to have improved traffic safety, for both the truckers and everyone else on the road.