Two things are of the essence for emergency service staff: time and accuracy. Until recently, firefighters, medical, and ambulance personnel had to flip through thick paper guides for the correct guidelines in challenging field situations. In a line of work where timeliness and accurate information can be a matter of life or death, this dated documentation system was time-consuming to use and costly to update.

In comes Softwerk’s family of infosynk mobile apps. Simple but elegant, infosynk apps allow for quickly searching and finding necessary information, expressed in text, image, audio, or video format. Content can always be relied upon to be up-to-date and accurate. Edits are easily made by the customer through the online infosynk platform, and the apps search for updates on each launch. What’s more, due to offline availability, the information is always accessible, regardless of geographical location.

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Technology investors across Europe trust DueDive for on-demand audit services to define and assess potential technology risks. DueDive covers all blind spots by analysing and predicting tech quality issues, team and productivity bottlenecks, as well as potential pitfalls.

DueDive resolves investor questions such as; What is the business impact on the technical findings? What are the technical conditions to support business success? 


DueDive has a unique hands-on approach to technical due diligence, combining various automated code scanning tools. The Quality Monitor, an analysis tool with well-defined system quality assessment, is conducted by a team of senior software developers and architechts with decades of experience. The team analyses and evaluates software applications, system architectures, development teams, and processes.