A Healthy Sign

AIMO is a mobile app that uses Artificial Intelligence and camera sensors to scan, analyse, and objectively score human health. By scanning a person doing a deep knee squat, the app gives insights into their musculoskeletal health and potential health risks, such as weak links or muscular imbalances. 

To make the idea come true, AIMO joined forces with Softwerk due to our technological expertise. The underlying science rests on advanced deep learning technology developed and validated by us, in close cooperation with our partners at Linnaeus University in Växjö. We developed the core algorithms of AIMO, including the AI-based movement assessment. This constitutes the back-end core engine technology of the AIMO app that makes it possible to derive a health score and pinpoint individual weak-links from the footage.

We provided AIMO with an interim Chief Technology Officer to organise the project and to define and structure the strategic setup for the project's roadmap. We also supported AIMO in the recruitment of a core development team, as well as with staff. As the project went on, we believed in AIMO to such an extent that we decided to invest and become a shareholder. 

Using the AI-based movement assessment, in combination with user-entered information about occupation, sports habits, and overall health profile, the app provides a risk assessment in the form of the AIMO score. In addition, the app gives individual training recommendations for addressing weak-spots, thereby preventing future potential injuries. This scanning technology opens up the possibility for a whole new range of biometric products for the purposes of health evaluation, such as pain detection and even mental health analysis. The project goes hand in hand with our view of always adding sustainable value and using state-of-the-art technology to improve people's lives.