Then do tell them to send in a resume! Softwerk is continuously growing and we need to expand the team with more people who share the same passion for software development as we do. 

Who are you?

We think that you love software and that you communicate well in either English or Swedish (or both). You have seen some software organizations during your years in the business and this has led to you being somewhat opinionated in how things should be done. We need a team player who is structured, flexible and who can think and contribute independently as well as bring additional value to the team. You are capable of getting things done and are not afraid of taking some of the resources under your wings.

What will you do?

The CTO of Softwerk is part of the management team and controls the various projects that we run. We have 30-ish resources that work in small, customer-driven projects and they have appointed and very bright architects. It is however the CTO that unites the legions and acts as a second line to make sure that we deliver the quality that we are known for (and yes, that is also the reason why we have a Q in our logo!!). You will be a resource in the sales process when it comes to selecting which assignment we will choose and make offer calculations. 

What do you bring to the table?

No one knows everything but we think that you are really good at something. Softwerk is a rather small and agile company so you add your special skills to the table and will tailor the role to be your own. We think that it makes sense if you have some experience with other IT development organisations and that you have seen some action.

Are you the perfect candidate for this role? (We never really wanted you to refer someone else)..!

Our current CTO is still working with us (one of the founders, actually) but is moving to slightly different things as we speak so we will be looking at applicants as soon as they come in. Don’t hesitate to send a quick letter of interest or just call and ask.


Send your CV and cover letter - or call CEO Björn Lundsten, 0707361577 for more information.

e-mail: jobs@softwerk.se