Softwerk is continuously growing and we need to expand the team with more people who share the same passion for software development as we do.

Who are you?

We think that you love to code and that you communicate well in either English or Swedish (or both). You have a Bachelor or Master of Science Degree in Computer Science or equivalent education. We need a team player who is learning fast, is flexible and who can think and contribute independently as well as bring additional value to the team. 

This time we are looking for talented people with a strong desire to become better at the craft. You do not need to have extensive work experience but we believe that you should be able to compare yourself with someone with more work experience. Writing software is not just work to you, it is an interest, it is who you are!

What will you do?

As a developer at Softwerk, you will take part in all phases of a projects’ software development. Your task is to collect and analyze requirements, figure out good and sustainable solutions, in other words to implement all aspects of the system - from prototypes to large-scale production quality systems, including testing and validation. 

You will be part of a team where you will be able to learn from more experienced peers. You will challenge yourself to learn new technologies, how to realize in practice the ideas that you may have learnt or read about during your studies or when building different side projects. 

You will implement client-side UI and server side logic and persistency, and by being a member of the team you will turn prototypes into production quality products.

What do you bring to the table?

No one knows everything but we think that you are really good at something. We need to strengthen our team in several areas including but not limited to the list below. We do however work in very versatile environments and try to see the developer rather than the language.

Ninja level at Go? Give us a call!

Technologies: Java, Python, React / React Native, JavaScript/TypeScript, AngularJS, jQuery, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS, MS Azure, Docker, Ansible, Tomcat, Spring, NodeJS, Hibernate, Jersey, Web Services, Flutter.

What do we bring to the table?

A great opportunity to see and learn from different businesses within different domains. This is what consulting is all about. You will meet awesome colleagues from 11 different countries at Softwerk. We are a tight knit team with a nice family like atmosphere both at our office but also online e.g. we bring our dogs to the office, we arrange Fifa play-offs in our lounge

We get together every morning for breakfast where we love to discuss any of our nerdy hobbies like; drone racing, craft beer (we have our own tap), Fouriertransform, board games, open source projects and so on.

We trust our team to have the freedom to choose how, when and where to best get the job done. This also means that we value your time and don’t expect you to work outside your working hours. 

Are you the perfect candidate for this role?

Send your CV and cover letter.

e-mail: jobs@softwerk.se