Home office: challenge or opportunity?


At Softwerk we are soon entering the 8th month with home offices. A lot of mixed feelings with not seeing colleagues, trying to find the best routines and the emergent issue of how to distinguish between work and private life.


Strange times we live in. The effects are felt not only by companies and employees in Sweden, but globally. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work from home and maintain our productivity. However, this is affecting us all in different ways and maybe you are working from home right now and can relate. Perhaps you’re feeling the consequences, and are wondering how you can improve your home office?


To help people deal with the new environment, Softwerk's HR Manager; Helena Hanel, has shared her personal recommendations:


To start with I recommend basic things such as taking a walk every day, taking proper lunch breaks and making sure that you have an ergonomically good working position. Another important part is that there is a functioning communication between employees and managers. It is of particular importance to have recurring and regular digital information meetings with the team. In addition to providing information, these meetings also play a cohesive role as you see each other and get the feeling of being a part of the team.


A positive outcome that we noticed is that the employees can choose their own working routines that are the most suitable for that person. See home office as an opportunity to create your own workplace and routines that help you perform in the best possible way! 


However, lack of social life and communication are the biggest problems we have faced during this period. We have handled this by close communication between employees and the employer, which is very important. It is a responsibility from both sides. 


The employer should make sure that the employees have all the work equipment that they need but also that everything is going well. To this end, employees should feel comfortable talking to their employer if they need anything, and about how they're feeling. It can be hard in some cases to notice the employees well-being from a digital video meeting. Always remember that feedback is important no matter what!


Take the opportunity to communicate with your colleagues. If you need help with a work-related issue don’t leave the conversation once you’ve received help! Take the opportunity to continue the conversation with some small talk!


Short tips when working from home:

  • Wake up as if you’re going to work. Get dressed and have breakfast before you start your working day
  • Make sure that you have a comfortable working position
  • Take breaks every now and then during the day
  • Go outside for a walk to get some daylight and to get your blood flowing
  • Eat lunch every day and NOT in front of the computer
  • Keep contact and communicate with colleagues and friends
  • Talk to your employer if you are experiencing any difficulties or if you are lacking any equipment
  • Shut down at the end of your working day and do things that make you happy!

Home office:  challenge or opportunity?