Industrial PhD

Dag Björnberg


Expanding Softwerk's AI group

Let’s kick off post-vacation at Softwerk by introducing a new member of the team, Dag Björnberg. Dag will be a new key player of Softwerk’s AI Group in his role as an industrial doctoral student for the Linnaeus University.

“With one leg in the academic world and the other in the commercial, our software solutions are always in the scientific and technological vanguard” - This is how we usually describe Softwerk and since we have become an industrial partner with DIA (Data Intensive Applications) we have been able to add even more value to science. We firmly believe in the power of cooperation with the university, and especially in our partnership with the common goal of developing new smarter solutions and adding knowledge and innovations in big data and AI applications. 

Softwerk is currently operating a big number of projects for customers all around Europe and most of them are data intensive. With the leverage of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning we have a strong belief that together with DIA we can create new values in our current and future projects.

Dag Björnberg “I am really excited about my future with Softwerk. Being an industrial doctoral student allows me to do research and actually see how it can be used in real life situations. Softwerk is driven by cutting edge technology and science, and I am looking forward to being a part of it. With high ambitions and great colleagues, it already feels like home.” 

We are happy to have you on board as well as excited about your new role in Softwerk’s AI group.
Let’s wish him the best of luck!

Industrial PhD