Interns at Softwerk


Patrick and Zander - interns at Softwerk

We at Softwerk would like to thank Zahra, Fakhara and Tomas for this spring's internship and wish you all success with both careers and continued education at EC Utbildning. Throughout their internship, Zahra, Fakhara and Tomas have worked on an internal web project together with senior mentors from Softwerk.

As a team, they have been involved in the entire process from idea to product, where design, requirements, and development have been some of the important steps. In the final stages of their internship, they also had to carry out a handover where our two other interns Patrick and Zander would take over the software development in the same web project.

Patrick and Zander are both studying the fourth technical year (TE4) at Teknikum, which is a high school engineering program in software development. Despite their young age, they both take initiatives and continuously create value in the project.

As a software development company in Växjö's IT cluster, we believe that it is extremely important to give students the opportunity for an internship, but above all to provide the right conditions. It is a give and take relationship with a very valuable win-win situation for both parties.

Every year, we have an average of 10 students with us at Softwerk for internships, theses, and other collaboration opportunities. Having so many students with us when we are a medium-sized company with about 30 employees is not a problem at all. Instead the question should be - How many more can we bring in to promote the IT sector in Sweden?

And lastly, the intern can become a future colleague! Is there any better recruitment process than this?