Anthony Mulot


We are pleased to announce Softwerk’s new Sales Manager

We are pleased to announce Softwerk’s new Sales Manager Anthony Mulot.


The last year and a half has been a bumpy ride for everyone but with great partnerships, hard work and a little bit of luck, we have managed to come out ahead. This - and the ongoing expansion of the company - require a more dedicated focus on meeting and exceeding the market expectations. Therefore, we have decided to invest in our Sales- and marketing department where Anthony Mulot, currently Product Manager at Softwerk, will take on the role as Softwerk’s Sales Manager.

Anthony is a person who is driven by creating and maintaining relationships with people. Both internally and externally. In projects where Anthony has been involved we can clearly see the benefits of having him as the bridge between the customers and developers. For two years Anthony has been managing our own solution Infosynk and has been taking a broad role by managing the project, marketing and sales.

We think that Anthony is the perfect match for this role because of his innovative thinking, quick problem solving, and the way he treats his relationships. By introducing Anthony as Softwerk’s Sales Manager we are certain that along with his motivated, hungry and driven personality, we will all be able to achieve our goals.

We wish Anthony good luck on his new challenges!


For project opportunities contact Anthony Mulot

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