We all bring value to Softwerk in our own ways!

We have introduced two new employees in a short amount of time (one week)! So, this is a perfect opportunity to ride the wave and present three key resources at Softwerk that haven’t received the attention that they deserve. Here is our three companions that delivers a lot of value to Softwerk:

  • Kitty - Customer Relationship Manager

    Focuses a lot on customer satisfaction, which is her main task - especially during customer visits! Relationships are something Kitty is an expert in. Therefore, she also focuses on creating soft values internally.

  • Kira - Receptionist and Security Assistant

    Kira has been involved in Softwerk's journey for a while and has a lot of things under control. Her role is broad, but Kira herself places a great deal on security and background checks on visitors.

  • Maja - Assistant Professor

    Maja is one of our latest recruits. Always on full alert and ready to show what she stands for. The role as assistant to our professor and co-owner Welf Löwe suits her perfectly and Maja contributes with enthusiasm in stressful situations.