Dustin Payne and Ruslan Abdulin


Two new members of the Softwerk team!

We are welcoming June and the summer by introducing two new members of the Softwerk team. Dustin Payne and Ruslan Abdulin, an addition of two brilliant software developers to the team.

We are very excited to have you on board!

Dustin - "I am excited to start at Softwerk, it feels like I am getting to learn a lot and also use what I've already learned. The company feels like a very good fit. They are IT nerds through and through, and so am I."

Ruslan - "They say the most exciting thing is to watch how professionals do their job. Now I can say it is even more fascinating to join them. A week ago I started a Developer role at Softwerk AB. A week is not that much but it was enough to realize that these guys know what they are doing. I was put into action straight away and there are many things I have to learn before I can contribute but I will try my best to do it professionally."