Trusted Development Partner

Fortnox is Sweden’s leading supplier of cloud-based financial service programs for companies, organisations, and audit firms. Calling themselves the “small entrepreneur’s best friend”, they provide a broad selection of online accounting programs that are easy to learn and use, yet feature-rich and powerful to meet most needs and wishes.

Softwerk has helped powering that success, by developing key components of Fortnox’s platform. 2016, we were asked to build the Time module for their business suite. We outsourced two of Softwerk’s team members as a dedicated Fortnox unit. 

The Time module handles time reporting, employee invoicing, salary calculation, and more. Since all features are cloud-based, they're available both on the web and the mobile app, making it possible to access them from anywhere. The user is given a clear overview of all projects, and can check worked hours through various statistics, graphs, and diagrams. Fortnox Time log makes time reporting easier, more effective, and more fun, and gathers all information into one clear platform.

Throughout the years, we’ve had a reliable development partnership with Fortnox. Our dedicated unit continues to work independently on maintenance and further development of their platform.