In a global sustainable perspective there are some challenges with the forestry industry. Challenges such as not having control of the timber flow, illegal felling of trees, unnecessary use of chemicals and inaccurate prognostics.


Tracy of Sweden aims to create a world standard for ID marking and tracking of all timber harvested worldwide. Each log that is photographed will be given its own ID number. You could say that each log gets its own fingerprint. With Tracy's advanced algorithm technology, the log will be traced throughout the production chain, into the wood industry and used in the best possible way. In other words, tracing trees from felling to finished goods. 


The system is based on a cloud-based solution where all information is collected and stored for recognition worldwide. The collected data will become a knowledge bank that helps actors such as suppliers, timber buyers, sawmills and the wood industry. This will help them optimize everything from logistics to quality work. 


Another great advantage of tracking timber will be stopping illegal felling of trees around the world, which unfortunately has a turnover of over 100 billion dollars yearly. Now with the system the truth can be told as every tree can be identified when and where it has been felled.


A big acknowledgement for Tracy of Sweden being the company developing and aiming to create a world standard for ID marking and tracking of all timber harvested worldwide. We at Softwerk, as technical consultants and partners to Tracy, are very happy to be a part of this amazing journey. Especially for our CEO, Björn Lundsten, who has a big passion for both the forest and digitalization which will be a perfect match in order to take on the upcoming challenges.


Do you want to know more about the Tracy Case? Don’t worry! Keep an eye open for our upcoming technical case study about the Tracy project if you are interested in advanced technical algorithms and image analysis!